Personal Project (WIP)


Wanting to create something different and use in an animation. I used multiple programs to create this shot, in which I intend to texture. I am currently UVing the whole thing which is taking quite a while. My original idea for this project was to use it in an animation, however I have left this project alone for a while my vision has changed.

I used multiple techniques to model this scene and have learn't different techniques along the way. From modelling in Mudbox to randomly generating rubble from the rocks I created. My first attempt at doing this was using particles, however I found that this process was very slow and ended up using Maya's Mash. This was a lot fast and gave me better control on what the out come looked like.


Programs used:

- Maya

- Octane (In the early shots).

- V-Ray (Switched to V-Ray when I started learning it 2 years ago).

- Mudbox (I used Mudbox to model the rubble).

Time Frame: On going.

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